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Welcome to my gallery of photographs. Originally I used 35mm film and and a Nikon camera - long ago now - and have since converted to digital, again with Nikon cameras. My LRPS panel was achieved whilst still using 35mm photographs - mostly using colour slides and even one from a negative which were then scanned - there is link above, go on click on it to view this panel.The images were mostly taken in Europe and North America. Click on the other links to view the other pages, which include some InfraRed images, colour textures and carnivals ....

I've added two new pages - a page full of COLOUR and some photos taken at the Notting Hill Carnival.
New page added in October 2009 - some photos of Les Gets, in France.
Parades page updated - 2010 London New Year Parade photos added.

One of my images - of a snowy Richmond Park - was accepted (Dec 09) in the 2009 Guernsey Salon of Photography. Follow this link to see it in my Flickr photostream - Richmond Park in Winter



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Another of my images - Night Carnival - won the George Bunzl Cup for Pictorial Colour prints in my local Photographic Society Open Challenge cups competition. February 2010.


Night Carnival


Some good news (for me at least) - I submitted a panel to the RPS assessment for Associateship

of the Royal Photographic Society - and it was sucessful ! I'll add the panel to these pages

here onto these pages shortly. March 2010.

The ARPS panel has now been added - there is a link to them above - please click on it to see the page.

I've also included my Statement of Intent, which was required at the assessment. April 2010

ARPS badge

Royal Photographic Society

Coastal California

Some images from my trip to Callifornia, September 2008

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These three images, with the yellow background, "Shadows, Ascending,Descending", won the Fry Memorial Trophy for Sets of Three prints in my local Photographic Society Open Challenge cups competition, April 2012

Man and shadow, yellow background

Man descending steps, yellow background

Man climbing steps, yellow background

Scroll down for a link to my Flickr photostream

White on Blue ... and gray .... July 2012

White Arrow on blue background

An InfraRed Richmond Park

Infra Red Richmond Park


Ferns and Steps in Doune, Scotland, June 2011

Ferns and Steps

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Here is a link to my photostream in FLICKR.
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